A little bit about me

photo.jpgHi everyone! So I have no idea who is going to read my posts on here, nevertheless I’m going to be writing on things that I am passionate about. My name is Isabel Loughlin(if you didn’t already know that). I’m 17 years old, just graduated high school a year early in June, I am currently enrolled in bible college, and also will be going into my first year of community college this fall. At this point in my life i feel as if I’m being thrusted into adulthood… before I am even legally an adult. Bitter sweet is really how I’d describe it. I feel as if my life is truly starting and one desire of mine has always been to start a blog to document..well my life! Starting up a blog is very exciting to me and I have goals that I would like to accomplish with it. I will write about things I’m passionate about; including my beliefs, the way I see things, and the why behind what I do. I will keep my blog updated with my life and the direction it is going; I think this is cool and important to show people something real on the internet, not just the good times but also the difficulties I face. With all of this, my main goal is to always love what I am writing no matter what comes my way. A big thing I believe in is to love what you’re doing and be passionate about it, or else what is the point? Anyways! I will be posting as much as I can with my busy schedule but yeah! Thank you guys for reading, I hope y’all stay tuned.


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