I think where I first understood what purpose is was in India so here is a picture from one of our many many bus rides while we were there

I’ve been questioning life recently. General questions like, “why are we even on Earth?” Which… were quickly answered in my head with the response, ” To live for Jesus.” This was a vague answer but it is what came to mind first. I was more wondering why we were created to go to school, work, get a good job, and have a family just to eventually die? Basically I was feeling like life was pointless – don’t get me wrong, this is not a cry for help. I just was curious because I want to live my life to the fullest BUT I just couldn’t get these weird questions out of my head. Anyways! I was at the prayer night thingy at my church and I asked God about these questions and what I got was basically this : God created us, yes to love him but to enjoy life. He created all these beautiful things on Earth so that we could admire them! He gave us free will – so yes, he loves everyone but he doesn’t want to force us to love Him back. He wants you to choose to love him.  This sounds like it could be selfish but I think it is completely the opposite and let me explain. When you love Jesus and choose to be apart of all His goodness; it doesn’t just  make God and all of Heaven ecstatic. It is truly the best thing for your benefit, take my word for it because my life is a living testimony. He literally wants to spoil you in ways you can not imagine. The God that I know wants what is best for all of His children, so you know he won’t let you down. I like to say to people my age, ” have you ever been in love or thought you’ve been in love?” Followed by,         ” Being in a relationship with Jesus is like having a boyfriend but one million times better.” Explaining this by saying, ” In my opinion, being in love with a person is probably the happiest you can be on earth… besides being in love with God. The difference is that God will always love you literally no matter what you do, He always wants what’s best for you, He has a plan for you that is greater than any plan you could ever make up in your mind,  and to be honest.. the way God can make you feel is indescribable. So you never have to fear or doubt when it comes to your relationship with Him.” I’ve heard people say that they don’t want to have anything to do with a god who just wants you to worship him but that is so twisted. When you start living a happy life because of the way God as changed you, you literally have this uncontrollable desire to worship Him.

H O N E S T L Y  I am just rambling on this right now but this is something that is so crazy real to me. When I started to actually believe and receive this is when I began to picture a future for myself. I always thought of what my future would be like but my mind always brought me to something that I felt was settling. For example, a nurse. I thought I wanted to be a nurse… but then I remembered I literally have no interest in nursing besides the helping people part. So yes of course I could become a nurse but I’m a person who believes that you should love what you do. OR at least like what you do. When I started applying what God says about me, to my life I started realizing my purpose and realizing my strength in Him. Also I came to the conclusion that when I follow His plan, obviously it’s going to be something I like because He wouldn’t send me into something I’ll despise, I will live a prosperous life because He’s not going to bring me into poverty or destruction, and I get to rely on Him as a firm foundation so I never have to lose hope! My point being in all of this – is life truly has purpose. Literally everyone one Earth has purpose because no person is exactly the same. No person can accomplish what you are designed for and that’s what makes life super exciting. Ok this was more of a rant type post for me but I hope you guys enjoyed! Come visit next week for a new post! Love y’all


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