Why I believe what I believe

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Ok this is one of my favorite pictures from India: These people worship with all they have and honestly they have nothing compared to us in America but their gratitude is so big.

SIDE NOTE: my pictures aren’t exactly correlating with my post BUT these pictures are when I was going out and sharing the love of God. When I step out of my comfort zone for the reason of glorifying the King, it is truly when I feel the most joy in life.

Ok I haven’t made a post in over a month because I’ve been busy with school, church, work, relationships BUT I feel as if I’m in a good place currently. I’ve settled in school nicely and everything else really seems to be falling into its place. Anyways the title of this post is ‘why I believe what I believe’ because it became very clear to me just recently. I always kinda go with the flow and I find myself doing things for no reason but I realized I do believe in Jesus and the Bible for a reason. Which is cool because God is truly the one constant in life and always will be; I really enjoy order and consistency. So let me start by stating that I don’t believe in the things I do because I grew up that way or because my parents told me to but because I’ve experienced and seen evidence first hand. Of course it helped because my mom has passed down some good habits like being involved in the church but ultimately it was my decision to follow Jesus. The thing is, what I believe is so real for me that I could never be talked out of it but if someone asked me why I wouldn’t exactly have a personal answer, most likely I would’ve said something generic. So I was dwelling on that for a couple days and was just wondering why is this so real for me, why is it that deep down I know this is true but I can’t explain it. Then it was as if I received instant revelation. Basically I just realized that I’ve witnessed the Bible first hand.. if that makes sense. For example, in Mark 16;17-18 is says “These signs will accompany those who believed in My name; they will cast out demons, they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up serpents, and if they drink anything deadly, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will get well.”  As a believer, we read the Bible and believe it but not a lot of christians explain why they believe. Sometimes people just do, and I mean it’s good to have faith but also some people need an explanation. Alright so let me just break this down and tell you guys why I believe this scripture. The scripture is Jesus speaking and He says anyone who believes in His name will do these things. For the casting out demons part, India built my faith in that for sure because honestly I’ve never seen a manifestation of a demon in a person before I went there and let me tell you it was insane. It’s like the exorcist movies, except movies give demons a lot more power than they have in real life. I feel as if this hard to explain because in America, even Christians don’t really acknowlege or talk about demons, in my opinion its because I think it’s kinda a weird awkward. I believe the pick up serpents part of the scripture is about Paul(in the Bible) because he was bit by a snake and all he did was shake it off because God was protecting him BUTTT I do believe that if that happened to me I wouldn’t die or anything. Ok going a little off on that topic because this doesn’t mean go and get bitten by a snake or drink poison and God is going to save you but it means if those things happen, you won’t have to worry. Lastly, lay hands on the sick and they will recover… this is the one I see and hear most about. Probably because people want to get healed and so they’ll do anything, even turn to God and when they figure out He provides they follow Him! I’ve seen a guy get up and walk from his wheelchair when he hasn’t walked in years, heard about so many people getting healed from cancer to where there doctors have no explanations, and honesty I’ve seen legs come into perfect alignment more than you’d think. But all this to me proves that my God is alive and working in this world. Miracles really do exist! I love miracles and the outcomes that follow honestly. A lot of people wonder why miracles happen for some and not for others, I know because I’ve wondered about this too. What I’ve learned is that you can’t just pray and ask God to heal you and then speak words of doubt such as “yeah I prayed but God probably didn’t hear me” “I hope he heard” “This has worked for others but I don’t know about me I might not be good enough”…. All of those are lies and you can’t be speaking those if you want to be healed. Another thing I’ve learned is that you have to thank God that you’ve already been healed or calling those things that be not as they were. Even if you don’t see a change yet, keep believing for the change!

This was in the Navajo Nation where we had the honor of leading the Navajo people in worship. They have such a beautiful culture and I was happy to experience a sliver of it + it was cool that no matter how different people seem, we still worship the same God.

I believe that people who not only read the Word frequently but actually live it out are the most successful people in life. They’re successful by the world’s standard which is financially stable, healthy, nice homes, together families but besides all of that, the people who follow Jesus are happy and satisfied with where their lives are going. That’s the difference between people of the world who are successful and people of God who are successful. I can’t stress enough that the key to a happy successful life in this world is a relationship with Jesus. You can work really hard, which yes is very important regardless but nothing else in the world will give you this inward, genuine satisfaction that you get from Jesus. Because we live on earth we always want more of what we have for example, money. It’s an endless cycle which seems pointless in my brain. The more we have, the more we want, the emptier we feel. All material things are temporary but for some reason we keep wanting more because these things make us feel good…temporarily.  My God though is not limited, He’s not temporary, He’s ever constant. Which I love. Alright and let me put this out there; Religion is not the same as having a relationship with Jesus. I’m not a huge religion fan because it holds this negative connotation. Don’t get me wrong I love people no matter which religion they choose to follow, or if they choose not to follow one. But religion is just rules, religion is this man made idea created to make people comfortable, it makes people believe they’re superior, and gives people this idea that they’re ‘spiritual.’ Of course Christianity is categorized as a religion but when you research you’ll figure out that it’s a relationship rather than a religion. When you’re in a relationship, it isn’t about rules it’s about love! Am I right? Living as a Believer, in my opinion is the best lifestyle you could live. When I’m reading the Bible and praying and growing in the knowledge of God… nothing compares. One, it’s when I feel my greatest. Two, it’s when I’m doing my best. Three, it’s when I’m the most patient and kind and the thing is I don’t even try to change myself into this great person; it just happens when you’re living a life of positivity. Alright but let’s say I’m right, Jesus is the only way to heaven, the Bible is real, etc. Then when I die I’ll be in heaven with the creator of the universe for literally eternity.(and ok side note people think heaven will be this boring place where we sing songs that put people to sleep and only old people will be there but heaven is not going to be like that, it will be perfection and endless happiness) On the other hand, the people who didn’t believe in Jesus will be in hell for eternity.(to break another stereotype, people think hell will be partying and being faded forever but hell is literally just fire and torment). But then let’s say I’m wrong. Let’s say when we die, nothing happens or we get reincarnated or something. Then honestly I would’ve had an amazing church family who loves me plus other genuine relationships, I would have lived out a happy life, successful, been a good example by the standards of what I believed was good, always gave and felt love, always satisfied and content with what I was doing and where I was going. Overall I would say it is a win-win either way. Honestly I know that might be a silly example but I think about that a lot.

My lovely youth group! This was cool when we went out and prayed for the homeless and brought them food and sleeping bags because we really saw miracles.. Honestly if God didn’t give us the supplies and courage to go out, this wouldn’t have happened so praise Him!

Anyways! I know a lot of people won’t agree with me or maybe a lot of people didn’t even  read this far but this is really what I believe with all my heart. For some reason I know this is truth and it’s so real to me that I know I will never be able to disregard what I believe or the church or God because I just have this subconscious knowing. Maybe I’m crazy or weird but oh well because I’m happy and truly unashamed. If anyone wants to question me or if something I wrote doesn’t make sense email me or something because I really do like to hear other people’s perspectives on the subject. Love all of you guys and thanks for reading this – it makes me very happy 🙂 ! I am going to try to  write more often from now on but I mean we’ll see…


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