A Passion of Mine

Leading worship in Navajo Nation!

Alrighty so I don’t talk about singing too much mostly because I was actually insecure about my singing until recently-ish. A part of me was convinced I wasn’t good at singing since there have been people who told me I was gifted with an amazing voice then there’s the people who criticized. Why was I looking to other people for approval? Not sure! BUT! There came a time where I just decided to be content with God’s opinion of me and I still consistently try to keep my opinions of myself aligned with what He thinks. SO this basically meant that I embraced the fact that my voice was a gift and I hoped I could use it to bring more good into the world throughout my life.

Let me side track to a story that marks a life changing time for me: Ah ok so it all started in February of this year! To set the scene, 15 people from my church(plus me) just arrived in India, I’m more than tired and I am about to go to sleep next to my roommate. I have my headphones in, lights off, but I take off my headphones because I just can’t stop thinking. Anyways so I turn to my roommate and I’m like ” hey I think I want to be a worship leader.” She encourages me while I’m telling her like ‘yeah God didn’t give me this talent to just waste it on random singing but then again maybe I’m not even good at singing.’ So I thought about it for a couple more minutes, asked God what was up, and that was pretty much it, it was a very short random thought conversation and right after we fell asleep. The very next morning is when we visited the first church in India and it went really well, my pastor(Cindy) was a guest speaker and the people seemed to really enjoy her message. The only downside was when we got there, the pastor of their church wanted our team of 16 people to sing anddd that was not really in our original agenda. We ended up just putting a microphone to a laptop with one of our worship songs.. which really doesn’t compare to actual live singing honestly. Immediately after, we were in the bus on our way to the next church and Cindy said ” I was going to call you up from your seat and have you lead all of us in worship but I didn’t want to just put you on the spot like that.” Like how crazy is that? She had absolutely no idea that I was wanted felt called to worship plus she had no way of knowing that I talked and prayed about leading worship the night before!!! I told her, ” You should’ve! I definitely would been up for it.” She was shocked by my response and from that day on I lead worship at every other church we went to for the rest of our India trip(which was 12 days.) It was truly a dream come true. I kept thinking of the scripture that says ask and you shall receive because in my situation that was such a quick answer to my question. Ok and it was greater than I could’ve imagined which points to the scripture that says God can do exceedingly abundantly above all you can ever think or imagine. ( I really like that I can relate life situations directly to scripture and it makes sense.) So God used me in an incredible way, I wasn’t sent to India for no reason, I was used to lead thousands of people in worship in a whole other country how insane is that!

OK but to bounce off of one of my favorite stories – fast forward! I came home from India, everything was the same… obviously but I felt substantially changed. That kind of high slightly faded for me because I had to get back into reality which was discouraging. There I was 16 years old, traveled across the world on a missions trip where God made my dream a reality and now what? I was in high school, didn’t have a great home life, and I felt stuck plus confused. I was sad because it felt like that was the peak of my life but I know realize it truly was just the beginning of this bright future ahead of me. I knew in my heart I had this burning desire to lead people in worship. Praise and worship is such an intimate time with God and the opportunity to lead people into that presence of God is straight up an honor in my opinion. I was holding on to what God’s word promised also what people spoke over my life. Buuuttt it was still hard to keep my faith up when everything around me didn’t look good. Anyways my point in all of this rambling is that God can still use you even when you don’t think you’re worthy. I started getting other opportunities to lead worship, for example in the Navajo Nation AND I was asked to try out for the worship team at my church after years of wanting to join! That’s basically why I decided to make this the topic of my blog post because my first time being on the worship team and singing is this Sunday! It’s another dream come true and I am truly blessed. There are honestly so many people who support me and believe in me, I don’t know what I would do if God didn’t set those people in my life. If you’re one of those people just know I appreciate you!! I appreciate all of you who actually read my blog because I felt like it took a lot for me to actually start this thing and speak my mind. Anyways stay tuned – I should be posting another post soon! ❤


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